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Message from Chairman of the Board


Receiving the big expectations of the nation including the industry for protein research, Protein Research Foundation was established in 1962 under the leadership of Prof. Shiro Akabori.

Saburo AIMOTO,
Chairman of the Board
Since then the foundation has continuously supported the basic researches of Institute for Protein Research (IPR), Osaka University, its activities as an inter-university joint-use facility, and the activities of protein researchers' communities.
Just after World War II many countries started intensive researches on proteins because protein was one of the most important research targets in dietetics, biology, and medicine. Reflecting such a new tide of scientific research, IPR was established in 1958 to promote the basic research in protein science and to support a forum of protein researchers, though Japan was still under postwar impoverishment in those days.
In spite of such situations, researchers in our country have produced the top-class research results in the field of protein science since the initial stage, and have greatly contributed to its progress. We are proud that the Protein Research Foundation would have played some important roles in the progress of protein research.
Nowadays protein is the compound that we routinely handle in the field of life science. And we hear the words such as amino acid, peptide, and protein, many times every day. At the same time, cutting-edge and groundbreaking researches are consistently carried out in the all fields of protein science. The researchers continue challenging for in-depth understanding of life phenomena.

Our foundation will support the activities of IPR, protein researches and protein researchers' communities.

I am looking forward to your continued support, understanding and collaboration.


Chairman of the Board
Protein Research Foundation


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