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Information Services

The Protein Research Foundation is collecting the information related to amino acids, peptides and proteins:

  • Articles from scientific journals.
  • Peptide/Protein sequence data.
  • Data on synthetic compounds.
  • Molecular aspects of proteins.

The Protein Research Foundation offers the following services:

■On-Line Search of Databases

Available Databases:

■Publication of "Peptide Information" (1975~)

Peptide Information is a monthly journal for retrieval of articles related to peptide research in the field of life sciences.You can choose the file format corresponding to your purpose.

We will distribute Peptide Information in CD-ROM as the following data formats.

●Peptide Information (PDF)

"Peptide Information" provided as PDF files.

●Peptide Information/PI for GetARef

Peptide Information Literature data of "Peptide Information" for the GetARef on a Windows Computer. The GetARef is not included. Please visit GetARef Home Page for more information.

●Peptide Information/PI for EndNote

Literature data of "Peptide Information" for the EndNote on a Macintosh Computer. The EndNote is not included. Please visit EndNote Hpme Page for more information.

PEPTIDE SCIENCE Series (1962~)

Proceedings of Japan Peptide Symposium. Formerly PEPTIDE CHEMISTRY Series

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